In the online world, people and players know me as noize. Proudly owner and founder of the gaminghq multi-media community. Almost every day for the past 10+ years, I have been working on this project to create a community where everyone can be themselves. Together with my team, we create content and keep an eye on our game servers where our visitors and members can play and enjoy a toxic-free game server.

We all started with a free domain name and shared hosting, but ended up becoming a wonderful community where everyone is enjoying themselves. Our goal is to expand and grow, allowing more players to enjoy our game servers as well as our news, gameplay and giveaways.

Furthermore, I’m active as a game translator and I’m partnered with several development studios to help and support them where needed.


Game Translator

Ashley Riordan

Art Director

Albert Coleman

Marketing Head

Clemens Steiner

Manager & QC

Ashley Riordan