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“Banana” Clicker Game Takes Steam by Storm, Rivaling Top Titles

In an unexpected turn of events in the gaming world, a game called “Banana” has surged in popularity since its release in April. The premise of the game is strikingly.

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Breaking News: Valve Faces £656 Million Lawsuit Over Market Practices

Valve Corporation, the owner of Steam, the world’s largest digital distribution platform for PC games, is being sued for £656 million. The company is accused of using its market dominance.

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Steam Faces Challenges with Unauthorized and Fake Games on its Platform

Steam, a leading digital distribution platform for video games, is currently grappling with an influx of stolen or copied games being uploaded to its marketplace. Concerns have arisen over the.

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Steam Not Refunding Non-Functional Games Despite Consumer Protection Laws

In recent months, the popular digital gaming platform Steam has faced increasing criticism for its strict refund policies. Gamers worldwide are expressing their frustrations over Steam’s reluctance to issue refunds.

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Review – Deadside – An Unfulfilled Survival Experience.

Deadside entered the crowded survival shooter genre with promising ideas but ultimately fell short in delivering a satisfying gameplay experience. Developed by Bad Pixel but now under the hands of.

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Steam Auth Timed out strikes again

It’s yet again another major outage at the servers of Steam. Currently, many players cannot connect to the Rust servers as an error would occur. Steam Auth Timed out has.

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