Radsz Aftermath – FAQ

Common Questions

When playing on our community rust server, you might have stumbled across something that you never experienced before. Some plugins we use aren’t used very often on other servers, making ours a one-of-a-kind experience.

In the past years, modding has become bigger than ever before. With so many plugins and commands, it’s sometimes too much to keep everything in mind. This FAQ section should help out with most of the questions. We will update this when more questions are being asked commonly. 

To create a team, you must create a clan first. The system we use is bound to the team system of Rust itself.  This clan system comes with several game improvements that allow you to remain inside the team, even after a server reboot.

To create a clan, use the command /clans in the chat. This will open a page where everything is explained to make a clan step by step. Once done, you can use the interface to invite your friends from a distance, making it easy to add all your friends to the clan and they get added to the team.

Do keep in mind that

  • If you invite a user to your team, you invite him to your clan. The same counts if done versa versa
  • If you leave a team, you leave the clan. The same counts if done versa versa

Not only does this clan system with just that, but it even comes with

  • Automatic Auth, meaning you dont need to be worried about manually assigning your friends to the auth list for chest access, base access and such.
  • You can upload your clan avatar. ( The usage of Imgur is not advised due to their new terms! )
  • Preset your clan gear. Allowing you to predefine skins on gear, weapons and base parts. Even if you would loot a weapon, if you preset a skin for it, it will change to that skin.
  • Clan leader scoreboards.
  • Clan alliance system.

With the use of /cases in the ingame chat, you will access the section where you will find SCGO-styled cases. These cases can be earned or bought with ingame currencies. Inside these cases, you can find valuable items that can aid you during the gameplay.

There are several cases that a user could pick from. From resources to weapons or even a personal home scrapper/recycler!