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    Youtube monetization rules to its next level.

    Willing to take the next level and monetizing your youtube channel? well, do keep in mind that Youtube has changed its policy when it comes to your own content. Even if you reach the needed requirements in order to get your channel monetized, is it still a big gamble if you would be accepted or rejected. 

    Being rejected means the user has to wait 30 days in order to reapply for monetization and if it’s not a big backstab of youtube, would it be the ridiculous new terms that they have. Every video has to be from yourself. Meaning that, if you would be making short clips from other users as we did for example for our awesome partner R.O.D.E Foundation, you won’t be able to apply for monetization untill you remove the content. 

    Even if you would have permission to do so, youtube says no. This even comes with deejays that do their usual mixes from other people their music, you cant monetize it. Does it contain any information about hacks or scams? no monetization. 

    In certain moments, I actually think that we are just being pushed too hard to keep track of the new rules a channel must follow in order to be monetized. Even onlyfans links are not allowed anymore nowadays, making it hard for you to become monetized. 

    There is however a good side. All money you normally would have earned during their request on advertisements on your videos are been added if you get accepted. Meaning that, if your request being monetized is sent and a week later, you are approved, everything you earned on advertisements during those 7 days on the videos is added to your wallet.