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    Upcoming in Radsz - The aftermath Season 3

    Wipe day is coming closer, next week our rust servers are being wiped and set ready for the next stage of The aftermath. We have been building up a wicked content update for our map. We added over 15+ new puzzle locations and we have done several fixes. Today, it’s time to explain a few upcoming changes on the aftermath server. 

    Before we are going into this, I would like to say thank you to everyone that played on the server for this month, it been a hectic ride last month and we are happy to see an increasement in the number of players playing actively on the server.

     [ NEW - The bunker ]

    Everyone should know about this secret hidden location. The cobalt experimented with innocent survivors to see where their limits are and if they could convert them to brainless souls in order to get their army to grow.

    The activation of the control center is the main key to success to get access behind those fences, but the power grid is down and we will need 2 fuses. But, where would they have to be added? 

    This facility comes with 4 puzzles. ( 3x green 1x red ) including several heavy NPC. 

    [ NEW - Large mine ]

    A new large mine has been found. This dangerous mine comes with 3 green puzzle doors with loot. Do keep in mind that this mine has more danger to be watched out for. Zombies and scarecrows are walking down the tunnels. 

    [ NEW - The quarry Facility ]

    The quarry facility has every quarry from the map including the giant excavator in a well-designed desert location. Do keep in mind that this facility comes with the needed backfire of potential NPC, making your loot not being stolen that easy. This location comes with several entrances including a cave-like where a few nodes can be found back and some nifty loot.

    [ Other patch notes ]

    • Revamped Starter zones

    • Added vending at starter zones for starters loot. 

    • Added Quest vendor location for Quests ( if the plugin will work, is a wild guess ) at starter zones.

    • Removed old train tracks and added a new double-track from one side to the other side of the map.

    • Added Bridges for trains and cars

    • Added Car store on request by mathy.

    • Provided more build locations for bases

    • Altered 90% of the desert into forest and field topology. 

    • Added Stone Cave with.. you guessed it, stone node spawns and a well-known old cave base pod building, the horseshoe design. 

    • Added more barrels across the map

    • Removed the weird roadsign spawns midair

    • Added more detail to the crude oil facility.

    • Added Car tunnel to make more space above for base building on mountains.

    • Altered the Compound facility a bit with protective mountains so that they won’t randomly shoot people that are having aggro at the moment due to barrel hits or an animal kill. 

    • Added 2x Blue card readers on Cobalt’s airfield and tweaked the loot a bit for higher values. ( the cave underground )

    • Added a custom harbor with some loot spawns. No NPC

    • Fixed a weird gap in the map near the beach where users could get stuck with their cars.

    • Smoothened the roads more for a better grip with cars

    • Added more forest dirt roads across the map. 

    • Added Train tunnels 

    • Added 6+ Train tunnel entrances

    • Fixed seaweed growing on land due to missed topology.

    • Fixed an instant death barrier inside a puzzle cave. 

    • Deleted a few old stone bridges and replaced some of them with newer or older versions of the bridges.

    • Fixed NPC spawn on S17

    • Added cave ish building spots. ( not actual caves, but more of rock formations ish )

    • Added underwater building pods