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    Twitch against their own TOS - A solid reason behind it.

    Twitch, Everyone knows what twitch is. A wicked platform to check out streamers and gamers playing their fav game, where you have the ability to subscribe and learn new things. A place for gamers to show their other hobbies like cooking for example. However, the platform is also known for its dark side. Today, I'm explaining why we hate to twitch and why we rather would see mixer come back or streaming on social media platforms.

    Twitch, a platform for gamers to Livestream is not holding on to their own Terms Of Service. That, where it states that sexual suggestive content is forbidden on twitch. However, many streamers are taking it to a whole new level, swimming in the bathtub in a bikini, trying to get more fans for their daily content.

    For myself, I moderate a channel called jaybee world and we recently got banned again after being reported by 12-year-old kiddo because he could not get to its daily jerk off because showing tits is against the TOS of twitch. 

    But, we still got banned. We got banned for certain reasons, and they are bullshit. 

    1. We got banned for a picture, that the underside of a tit was shown while everything else was covered up. 
    2. We got banned for another stupid reason, as blowing kisses is also not allowed.

    But, swimming half-naked in a bathtub is alright? body painting while naked is also correct and good to go. The fuck twitch? 

    The real reason behind this is simple. There are streamers with loads and loads of earnings a day. That’s a free money gate for twitch as twitch is like just eat, where they take over 70% of your total income.

    Twitch is going against their TOS for more money. I see twitch as nothing more than a greedy company, not knowing how to handle their own TOS properly. Wonder when they are getting sued for breaking their own TOS.