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    Radsz - The aftermath and Radsz - Softcore

    As some of you might know or already have experienced, sometimes you can’t join the game or you have some weird stuttering ingame when driving past monuments like a mad man just like me.


    It comes to our attention that there is now and then a massive FPS drop on our game server. This is an issue on the game itself and FacePunch is looking into this. The reason is that we are already having hiccups now and then while we only have 150k entities. Sadly, we cannot do anything about this until FacePunch has resolved the problem as they are looking into it. This means that, if you would have a sudden drop in FPS while ingame, it is a big chance it’s because of the ongoing issues with the game at the moment. 


    For those not able to join a server at all because of this unity patch and you get kicked with a few red errors with EAC and a load of numbers after it closing with something like texture.bundle, please verify your game files. You should download approx 2.3Gigs and 2 files would be missing in this case.