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    Radsz - The Aftermath - New plugin!

    Today, we have added something new to the server. Small challenges that will reward you if you will be participating in them. Gather resources, loot or try to pet the helicopter, it's all possible now on Radsz, the aftermath. Special thanks to those that helped out with this plugin by donating to the community so that we would be able to provide you with something new.

    King of the Hill Event

    The king of the hill event goes as follows. You have to find the highest top of the map and stay there for a solid 5 min in order to win. The player that's the longest on the highest point will be rewarded.

    Resource Collector Event

    The objective is simple, Gather as many resources as possible within the timelaps. The one with the most points wins. 

    The Animal Hunter Event

    Shooting animals provides you with points. The same as with resources, the most points win. 

    Helicopter Pet Event

    A patrol helicopter will be flying around. Attack his attention and keep shooting it. The longer you keep him shooting bullets and missiles at you, the more points you get. 

    Loot Collector Event

    Gather as much loot as possible from crates and barrels. The user with the most points wins the event. 

    Special Cargo Event

    A special cargo will be dropped on the map, indicated as a golden airdrop. Claim it and bring it towards its destination. Keep in mind, if you have it, you will be seen on the map every 6 seconds.

    Foundation Drop Event

    The foundation drop event goes as follows. Players will be standing on the foundations. Every xx seconds, some foundations breaks. if there are more players that made it to the end, swords will be dropped and radiation will start to spike. Let the battle begin!


    All events are randomly cycled and will be triggered once a time same as with the Dangerous Treasures Event. A minimum of 4 users must be online in order to trigger these events. Rewards are for now only blood and economics, do keep in mind that blood will be used more often in other upcoming crafts and such. Please let me know if there is anything wrong or if something should be checked out as it’s wrongly translated.

    Do keep in mind as follows.  

    - Resource Collector event is all about collecting the most resources. Jackhammers and Chainsaws do NOT count with this event.  

    - Foundation Drop Event blocks all commands. You won't be able to use your backpack or spawning cars.  

    - King of the hill, base building there is possible, but you must stay outside the tool cupboard range.