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    Night of the Dead - Game Update

    Today is a great day once again, especially when one of your fav games is coming out with a massive patch. With special thanks to the team of Night of the Dead for donating me a few keys last week to be given away in the community. I hope you love the game just as I do!

    [Parkour System]

    A brand new Parkour System that allows you to climb over walls and cars easier. With several new QoL improvements on buildings, obstacles, and improved walls for the perfect parkour moments. Every second count!

    [New Buildings]

    New building parts have been added. This includes several new base building options, but also comes with a few new nifty pieces of base furniture!

    New buildings have been added that can be constructed.

    • Foundation Open Type
    • Triangle Foundation
    • Triangle Foundation Open Type
    • Half Floor
    • Triangle Floor
    • Half Column
    • Half Wall
    • Triangle Wall
    • Roof Wall
    • Security Door Wall
    • L-Shaped Stairs Reverse
    • Stair Fence
    • Roof
    • Roof Ridge
    • Roof Corner

    New Base furniture

    • Security Storage Box
    • Floor Sign
    • Wall Sign
    • Sign

    Wouldn't it be possible to build a prettier house than before?

    [Achievement System - 53 achievements added!]

    There are some achievements that are hard to achieve, so why don't you try them?

    Note: During the testing process, we found that some achievements 'did not work' well if we 'created a new team' instead of an existing team 'in multiplayer'. If you want to accomplish achievements, you shouldn't create a new team. Please understand if there is some inconvenience.

    [Game System]

    • The UI of the main menu has been changed.
    • The damage formula for user-built structures has been changed.
      (Decreased structure damage from Players and Traps.)
    • Items with 'Explosion Damage' are indicated in the tooltips.
      (Equipment and Traps that could not damage structures have been changed so that they can do damage.)
    • When zombies can’t reach Bait Trap, they attack Players more aggressively.
    • When zombies can't reach Players, they attack buildings more aggressively.
    • Decreased structure damage from zombies’ stomp attack.
    • Structures that can be destroyed when equipped with a ‘Claw hammer’ are highlighted, and HP is displayed.
    • Decreased wave boss zombies increment according to the number of users in multiplayer.
    • The default key for ‘Evasion’ has been assigned to ‘Alt’.
    • It has been changed to allow users to construct other structures on bridges built by users.
    • Increased materials required for bridge construction and upgrade.
    • Ranged Traps Optimization
    • Increased the accuracy of the ranged traps.
    • Increased the rotation speed of the Spike Launcher and Flame Thrower


    • Localization work is in progress.
    • Some of the awkward names and descriptions have been changed.
    • Added new languages
      (Italian, Arabic, Hungarian)

    Please understand that there are still a lot of awkward parts as a cornerstone of the localization work that we will go into later.

    [Bug Fixed]

    • Fixed the phenomenon that firearms loaded bullets one by one.
    • Fixed the save did not work properly if the save was interrupted in the middle.
      ***(If you turn on the menu screen while saving, the save will not proceed. Turn off the menu screen and finish the save!)***
    • Fixed the problem where the game was paused while the host was setting game options in multiplayer.
    • Fixed the phenomenon of moving backward when sowing seeds.
    • Fixed the phenomenon that the user did not take damage intermittently by the Spiked floor.
    • Fixed the problem where jumping and sitting was possible while the UI of the Storage box was turned on.
    • Fixed the phenomenon that the fire effect of the structure did not disappear.
    • Fixed the problem where the same equipment was not registered in the quick slot when the equipment with the stack was exhausted.
    • Fixed the phenomenon that the survival note covered the Journal(Map).
    • Fixed the problem where the motion was not natural after firing an arrow.
    • Fixed the problem that the projectile stuck in the body did not disappear when the user revived.
    • Fixed the problem where the loading did not proceed when the Settings was opened while the game was loading.
    • Fixed the problem where multiple items were created when upgrading equipment.
    • Fixed the problem that the ammunition loaded in the long-range trap was not released by drag & drop.
    • Fixed the problem that only up to 6 buffs were applied.