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    HDRP - The new rust, but with a downside

    Holy smokes everyone, these new HDRP monuments and new content is looking wicked! While everyone is hyped about the backport release of Rust, does it come with a few minor downsides. Today, I sadly have to announce that Radsz Aftermath its map design is becoming history after the next update of Rust on may the 6th. The map is beyond broken, so broken that I'm not able to fix several monuments and that most likely all my custom prefabs would be broken.  


    This means that for the upcoming wipe on may the 6th, that we will not have a custom map to be played on, however, there are already some plannings and ideas on the table for a new map, make sure to stay updated on our discord! Supporters of the community have the ability to search through our screens and beta news about upcoming map updates. Join today and stay updated!