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    Happy Easter, HDRP and Rust News

    Happy Easter everyone! The community wishes you the best Easter weekend, even with the corvid19 outbreak, there is still much to do together. Even online on our game servers several wicked events are ongoing. 

    One of these events is on our Rust servers. Both servers are having their usual Easter hunt event where players have the ability to collect as much as eggs within a certain amount of time. 

    While the prices remained the same for these eggs when it comes to opening Bronze, silver, and golden eggs, is it still much enjoyable as always. Join together with your friends and clan buddies and try to beat each other in this wicked event. 

    HDRP ( High Def Render Pipeline )

    in the meanwhile, HDRP is coming around the corner. Next month, we will be enjoying a lot of newly revamped monuments that are build by FacePunch itself. They nerfed and nerfed and nerfed until they were sure about the end results and trust me, they are looking dope! 

    While it’s looking for everyone as a wicked upcoming update this year, is it a big backstab for map makers. They have a broken map once they will update next month and yes, this sadly also comes with the announcement that the aftermath map will be broken as well. 

    The amount of time I have to spend on this map to make it all happen is huge, just to see it crumble next month after. A lot of prefabs are or removed or added or they have been restructured. All monuments we build ourselves will be broken.. meaning, it’s going to be a huge amount of work. 


    While we still waiting on the Beta branch to be updated with its new content, are we not knowing yet if we would be able to fix the map for the next wipe cycle or starting to build a new map. I rather prefer the second option, but it’s waiting first on what’s about to come next.


    We will keep you posted during this progress and merge. Feel free to join us on discord to stay updated on our progress! Thank you for playing on our game servers and thank you for being a part of this wicked community.