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    GTA5 fans are mad due to new released Trailer for the next-gen console

    GTA5 fans are mad due to new released Trailer for the next-gen console, While the new trailer has recently been released, does it already contain more dislikes ( 44K ) than actual likes ( 16k ). Why are the fans of the massive online game GTA5 mad about? Well, let's talk about this.

    The reason for this is easy. The trailer is a complete joke comparing to other videos that they have been making in the past. GTA5 would be coming with seamless character switching during your play session ingame doing the storyline. But, we already have seamless switching as long you play the game with a decent desktop computer.

     If I’m looking towards this trailer, it would not surprise me that they would be applying the same troll meme videos as they did with their last trailer. Youtuber Mors mutual insurance is one of the few we would love to see something new about it.. oh wait, they already did! 

    While everything has been already confirmed to be coming in 2022, is it yet again GTA5 and not GTA6. While players are kept on asking and wondering when GTA6 might be coming, is it still a big question on how long it’s gonna take for this to happen. If the new GTA5 “enchanted version” comes with actual new content as well, or would it be only some “tweaks” here and there, it’s anyone’s guess.