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    GTA 5 - Trilogy edition - Modders fixing the game faster than Rockstar

    GTA 5 - Trilogy edition - Modders fixing the game faster than Rockstar. Yes, you read it correctly. The game has not even been released for a month or the first mods are already prepped and ready to be used. These mods are considered as QOL mods, Where the game remains the same, but the quality of the gameplay is improved. 

    There is a rain mod that fixes the rain, swimming FX, music, fog, soundFX sound effects, GPS mods.. like most every crucial game-breaking issue has been fixed already by modders. Not by rockstar or their employees but modders. 

    You have seen many videos passing along the road in the past few days on youtube where they show you a lot of bugs and issues depending on the latest release of the GTA trilogy edition. 

    It's weird to see modders being able to fix problems faster than Rockstar itself. They even had to shut down their launcher for this and then blamed it on files being downloaded that should have not been downloaded.. The game has already cracked itself and is free on the market once this happens. 

    On Twitter, the news of not being able to play the game for desktop users had hit rock bottom. Everyone wanted to refund their game, and to be honest, if I would be waiting for a remaster and then seeing this as an end result, it's like rockstar only placed the game in a regenerator and then released it again with a thick middle finger when it comes on bug fixes. 

    It's a shame how they handled the release, the game, and the community. Take two tokes down a lot of modders, most of them afraid of making new mods anytime soon.