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    Emika Games quits after steam refund policy exploit

    While everyone is playing their games on steam, they have the ability to return the game within 2 hours without any questions asked. 

    This, however, escalated in a discussion surrounding Steam its two-hour refund policy as more users are making a smart advantage from it. But, would it be fair or unfair to refund a game that you just bought intentionally because you liked the game, or because you just wanted to play something new for free? 

    While most AAA games easily exceed the two-hour length (looking at call of duty, for example, Assassin's Creed Valhalla or any other massive game), smaller indie games with short stories can fall short. This potentially leads to a situation where players can finish a game and return it within two hours.

    That's the exact situation faced by indie developer Emika Games, who recently released Summer of '58, a psychological thriller that's received an overall rating of Very Positive on Steam. However, as the game can be completed in less than 90 minutes, Gives it enough time for players to request a refund for getting their money back.

    In a statement posted on Twitter, the developer said they are "leaving game development" and referenced that they aren't earning enough to develop more games because of the high amount of refunds.

    Steam should reconsider adding limits to refunds when it comes to indie games. The hold of the amount of money being invested for at least 30 days before the user can use that money again to buy something else as well for canceling any refund request based on payer progression. 

    If the player already reached a certain stage in the game or as a stat, that the user cannot refund it as it’s been played. See it like a DVD, where you cannot return the disk once’s unsealed.