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    Discord, a brand new logo, and drama on elm street.

    Discord is one of the largest networks when it comes to gamers having their own channel for their fans and friends. Even Game developers are using it, book clubs, fan pages, and teams or clans. While discord is growing rapidly, does it also comes with a few warning signs. 

    Even discord is too good to be true, where everything is free to be used as with discord, you would have to rent your own server when it comes on TeamSpeak 3, and even then it comes with a lot fewer options than discord itself has. There are however a few downsides to discord. Downside’s that actually worries me, but not only for myself but for others. There is not a single way to proper ban a user from your discord. They can just make a new account and join the discord again as nothing happened. 

    Scammers and bitcoin scams

    Scammers are having a free gamesession when it comes to farming data from other players and contacting them for “false” reports about being a hacker or a massive stream of advertisements for bitcoins. It basically indicates that kicking a user from your discord server or banning the user from your discord server is useless, as the user is just able to join back in with a new account. The same as for scammers. Once their account is gone or banned, they just make a new account and rejoins the server. 

    Discord bots

    Banning a user with dyno or mee6? the chances will be less than the user would be coming back as they state on their website is also not fully true, in fact, one of my cases I had where a user was banned through mee6, kept coming back. After 20 accounts banned by this user, he waits for a day, and still managed to come back in. 

    This is something that really should be looked into. Sadly, the support of discord however rather likes to move the problem towards their co-workers as they are not interested in resolving this issue as it’s a daily issue that they have. It takes up to 72 hours before a reply is made. What if it would be a hacker? someone that’s raiding your discord? 


    In conclusion, is it worth reporting a user to the team of Discord? Yes, you can. However, do keep in mind not deleting any messages of this user. Even they can be super toxic, Discord forces you to send up the link of this message and its userID. 


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