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    Aftermath - A new chapter

    A new chapter is coming towards the community server. Our old rust map is not working as we had intended, but we have prepped a new one that will blow away your mind. We have been adding some nice custom content in the map already, giving you more to explorer than what you normally would have with a vanilla map. 

    Do keep in mind, we are not having the upcoming new underwater submarines. We will be adding this in the next map build. What we do already can offer is the following.


    Underground mine

    The underground mine is a tunnel system with several blocked-off doors. To enter these mines, you have to enter it from the designed entrance. This is located next to the Dome.  A red card would be needed to open the big heavy sliding doors, but remember, everything that we put behind a car door or blast door, means trouble!

    There are in total 40 NPC inside, 25 Zombies, 19 Heavy NPC, and 45 boxes of loot spread in this tunnel area, prepare to get hiking and to go deep. Blue keycards and red keycards are advised during this trip.

    Construction site

    The construction site comes with several sam sites, 19 loot spawns a green door and an underground facility. Yet again, prepare for the unaware! Do keep in mind, we will make more from this area during the next patch, allowing us to make some kind of progress on a building being build during map cycles. 

    REEE towers

    All REEEE towers are placed yet again, but this time. They do come with a small improvement! What could it be? 

    More information about the map coming Monday, make sure you stay tuned on our discord to watch our news headlights to be sure you are the first to read the next chapter of our mapping progress.