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Explore our vibrant community game servers, featuring custom-designed adventures and unique mapping created by our team exclusively for the online game Rust. From time to time, we also launch servers for new or updated games, catering to popular interests within our community.

Game Servers

Radsz - Echoes of Cobalt Isle

Radsz – Echoes of Cobalt Isle is an online rust server for PvE adventures. roam around the world of radsz and fight off several dangerous Animals or your enemy, the “Cobalt”.

Go through the forest and find yourself mangled between the dangers or go through the seas and embrace the wildlife. Build a base, gather resources and become the next rules of Radsz aftermath today.

Sidenote: This server is coming back online soon!

Join us on Discord and claim the Rust Role from the role picker to obtain information about our game server and how to join it.