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    Discord Community terms of usage.

    To be on our discord server comes with a few rules. These rules you see here will be on most community servers. However, to keep everything clean and tidy, we have some rules setup in order to give you a good example on what's posible and what's not possible on our discord server. By joining our server, you accept to these terms automatically.

    1. Advertisement of any kind if prohibited. This includes youtube/twitch linking
    2. Dont be a troll in our channels. Respect others their mentions.
    3. Dont go offtopic, dont share images in chat channels but in the right image channels.
    4. No hate speeches, political slures, racism or sexual chat sessions.
    5. Dont random join a channel if they wont expect you.
    6. Links to pirated content, torrent downloads, referal sites or gambling sites are forbidden.
    7. Harrassing partners and or the team with unneeded questions and trashtalk is forbidden.
    8. Its forbidden to streamsnipe. People doing this will be banned from the community.
    9. You share images and videos in the right proper channels. No self promotions unless you are a partner of us.
    10. Moderators may enforce rules at their own discretion; Finding loopholes to violate the rules may result to punishment.
    11. Do not beg for free Game keys or certain roles to our entire staff.
    12. You read the rules and terms of the channels you use. For example, for rust players, there are different rules then with dayz for example.