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Rust servers – Performance hotfix

An optional rust server update has been released today. While the devs stated it’s an optional update, is it something that’s coming in handy for larger communities as well as.

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The feelings with Call of duty – MW3 2023

What a great release had to be, ended up in a big disaster. The online game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been successfully refunded. while their trailer showed.

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Mw3 – A bad rushed Campaign

What a perfect release would have been with the promises they promised us during the trailer release, but it was a complete nightmare. The first mission made us all look.

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Call of Duty MW3 – Game specs

The upcoming Call of Duty release is close! In just roughly 2 weeks, players will be able to explore and adventure once again the online world of Call of Duty..

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FacePunch – Rust changes coming to the server

There are a few changes coming to rust in the next update for the online game sensation Rust. As usual, I release these kinds of messages on Discord for my.

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FacePunch brings Halloween to the servers

As you know, the Halloween event has begun. Players can enjoy spooky adventures during the last few days before wipe day. From dungeons and ghosts to zombies and well… a.

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Sons of the Forest – Patchnotes

Good morning everyone, noize here with today’s patch notes from the online game sensation Sons of the Forest. As always, if you like to read more of this kind of.

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Raid Shadow Legends – The annoying ads on YouTube

Have you ever heard of raid, shadow legends? The free game that’s been massively announced by YouTubers around the globe? Well, that game looks free, but it aint. Welcome to.

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Fortnite cutting in budget. 870 workers fired. 

Fortnite cutting in budget. 870 workers fired. ( roughly 16% )  Fortnite is in heavy weather as it recently fired over 870 employees from the studio to save up costs..

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