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Xbox Bots Resurface, Community Name misused once more.

The troubling resurgence of Xbox bots has created an even more challenging environment for our community and several others. These malicious bots are misusing community names, including ours, and targeting prominent YouTubers and gamers of the game: Apex Legends.

A few weeks ago, Xbox users began noticing a mass spamming campaign in the chat section. The spams falsely advertised a new Discord server with a custom vanity URL linked to our community name. Despite our repeated requests, Discord has not taken action to remove these deceptive links.

Speculation among the community points to Apex Legends as the origin of these bots. Many players have reported a surge in spam messages following their gaming sessions on Apex Legends, suggesting a potential connection.

Reports on Reddit have provided additional insights into this situation. Users have shared screenshots and detailed accounts of the spamming incidents, highlighting the scope and persistence of these bots. Discussions indicate that the bots are not only sending spam messages but also attempting to phish personal information by directing users to malicious websites. The Reddit community has been active in documenting these occurrences and advising others on how to stay safe.

In response to this escalating issue, we are pursuing legal action against the perpetrators as well as Discord for neglecting this situation and not being willing to help us out. We have contacted local authorities and scheduled a meeting to provide detailed information and evidence. We are also considering reaching out to Microsoft to address this widespread issue on their platform.

As always, we urge everyone to exercise caution. Do not click on unsolicited links, even if they appear to come from friends, as their accounts might be compromised. If you suspect a friend’s account is hacked, try discussing something unusual, like the weather raining lava. If they ignore or deflect the topic, it’s a red flag.

Stay vigilant, never click on sussy links and be safe folks!.