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Hello Neighbor 2: A Promising Concept, but Ruined by Poor Execution

“Hello Neighbor 2” is an unfortunate case of a promising concept marred by poor execution and questionable business practices. The game’s much-touted AI, which was supposed to learn and adapt to the player’s actions, is fundamentally broken. Instead of creating a challenging and immersive experience, the AI behaves erratically, making random and often nonsensical decisions that ruin any sense of strategy or tension.

The technical issues extend beyond the AI. The game’s mechanics feel clunky and unpolished, with numerous bugs that disrupt gameplay. Collision detection is inconsistent, causing the character to get stuck on objects or glitch through walls. These problems make the game frustrating to play, even for the most patient gamers. The visuals, while stylistically consistent with the first game, do little to compensate for these fundamental gameplay flaws.

Adding to the disappointment are the DLCs, which are plagued by the same issues as the base game. The additional content feels rushed and incomplete, offering little value for the price. Instead of enhancing the game, the DLCs introduce new bugs and fail to address existing ones. This has left many players feeling cheated and dissatisfied. The storylines introduced in the DLCs are also lackluster, providing minimal engagement or depth to the overall narrative.

One of the most concerning aspects of “Hello Neighbor 2” is the apparent manipulation of reviews. There have been numerous reports of negative reviews being removed or suppressed, casting doubt on the authenticity of the game’s ratings. This practice not only undermines the credibility of the developers but also betrays the trust of the gaming community. It creates a deceptive image of the game’s reception, misleading potential buyers.

The developers have also shown a lack of responsiveness to community feedback. Patches and updates are infrequent and often fail to address the most critical issues. This neglect suggests a disregard for the players who invested their time and money into the game, hoping for a polished and enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, “Hello Neighbor 2” is a major disappointment that fails to live up to its potential. Between the broken AI, numerous bugs, lackluster DLCs, and dubious review practices, it’s hard to recommend this game to anyone. Save your money and your time for a game that delivers on its promises. The developers need to seriously reconsider their approach to both game development and community engagement if they hope to regain the trust of their players.

We give this game a 1 out of 5, Seen the history of the game and its developers, I doubt we could come back and re-review it in a later state.