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EA and Respawn Entertainment Announce bad Changes to Apex Legends Battle Pass Structure

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced a significant overhaul of the Battle Pass system in Apex Legends, a decision that has been met with considerable backlash from the game’s dedicated player base.

The changes, detailed in an update on the Apex Legends website, aim to “improve your experience and progression goals.” However, the specifics of the new system have sparked frustration among many players.

One of the most significant changes involves the length and purchase method of the Battle Pass. Previously, players completed 110 levels to earn all rewards, including one Reactive Weapon and a Reactive Weapon Variant. Starting with Season 22, there will be two Battle Passes per season, each containing 60 levels and one Reactive Weapon.

“The impact of this change is twofold,” the update states. “It allows us to align seasonal progression more closely with Ranked while also increasing the value for your time.”

EA and Respawn assert that the new structure will offer twice the seasonal rewards for players using the free version of the Battle Pass. However, each half-season Premium Pass will now cost $10, and players will no longer be able to purchase passes with Apex Coins (AC). Previously, players could earn 200 coins with the free version and 1300 coins through the Premium version, which costs 950 coins.

With the new system, each pass will provide the same number of coins for both free and Premium players, doubling the total earnable Apex Coins per season. Yet, players who have been saving their coins will not be able to use them for future passes, a significant shift from the previous model.

Additional changes to the Premium Apex Legends formula include an increase in the number of Apex and Legend-Themed packs and a doubling of the crafting materials in the Premium Pass. The Premium Bundle, previously available for 2800 Apex Coins, has been rebranded as Premium+ and now costs $19.99. This package includes 10 level skips, more Exotic Shards, two Premium+ Legendary Character Skin Variants, and access to all Legends for the duration of the Battle Pass.

These adjustments will come into effect with the launch of Season 22, expected next month.

“The decision to move from AC to real-world currency is not one that we made lightly, but it does allow us to decrease the price of Premium+ for our community,” Respawn explained. “The new Premium+ Battle Pass comes in at $19.99 USD and offers additional value; a cost difference of ~29% compared to the discontinued Premium Battle Pass Bundle at 2800 AC.”

Despite these reassurances, the player community has voiced strong dissatisfaction. “So basically pay 10 dollars twice a season instead of being able to continue buying battle passes every season with a one-time purchase,” one Reddit user complained. “In what world is this better for players?”

Another player added, “The advantage of gathering enough coins to buy the next BP via gameplay was that I was basically stuck with playing your product for dozens of hours on end, so engagement was high. If you’re gonna make me pay every time and THEN grind my ass off then that’s it brother.”

Apex Legends, which debuted in 2019, has evolved significantly over the years, introducing more playable Legends, weapons, abilities, maps, and game modes. While the ability to purchase Battle Passes with coins is ending, players can still use coins for other in-game purchases, including Legends, Apex Packs, and more.

In a bid to ease the transition, EA mentioned that players could unlock the first half of Season 22’s premium Battle Pass by completing “a set of challenges” within the first two weeks of launch. However, details on these challenges and whether this method will be available in future seasons remain unclear.