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Discover The Falconeer – Free on the Epic Games Store This Week!

Are the birds really big, or are you really small? Either way, The Falconeer promises an exciting gaming experience and is available for free this week on the Epic Games Store.

About The Falconeer: Immerse yourself in an aerial exploration-combat sim where you mount a gun on a majestic bird of prey and engage in epic battles for control over a vast fantasy Waterworld filled with islands.

Why This Freebie Stands Out: Epic Games Store freebies have become a staple since their inception in 2019. Yet, The Falconeer giveaway is noteworthy for two key reasons:

  1. First Time Free: Despite the long-running giveaway program, The Falconeer has never been featured for free until now.
  2. High-Quality Gameplay: Highlighted its exceptional quality, praising its shine despite some difficulty spikes and inconsistencies. Since then, several updates have further enhanced the game, making it even better today.

Don’t Miss Out: Download The Falconeer for free on the Epic Games Store until July 11. After that, look forward to Floppy Knights, a charming deckbuilder where you command an army of adorable plants.

Dive into the adventure and decide for yourself: Are the birds really big, or are you really small?