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Forza Horizon 4 – Top 10 Steam Deck Games despite becoming delisted

Valve has recently introduced a dedicated ‘Steam Deck Top Played’ page on the Steam store, and it’s already generating buzz. One notable highlight is Elden Ring, which has become the most-played game on the popular handheld device, likely spurred by a discount and the new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. However, what caught our eye is the unexpected rise of Forza Horizon 4 in the top 10.

Despite not being the latest game in the Forza series, Forza Horizon 4 has surged in popularity. The ongoing Steam Summer Sale, which features substantial discounts, has undoubtedly played a role. Additionally, the announcement that Forza Horizon 4 will soon be delisted from Steam has prompted a rush to purchase the game before it’s removed.

Forza Horizon 4 Climbs the Steam Deck Charts

Recently, Forza Horizon 4 was offered at an 80% discount to kick off the Steam Summer Sale, following the announcement of its upcoming removal from Steam this December. This combination of a significant discount and limited availability has led to a spike in sales, propelling the game to 9th place on the Steam Deck’s top-played list. It’s notable as the only game in the top 10 that isn’t Steam Deck Verified, although it’s rated as ‘Playable’ and has been performing well on the Deck.

A Surge in Popularity

The rising attention to Forza Horizon 4 highlights how older titles can find new life, especially when newer releases, like Forza Horizon 5, remain pricier despite their own discounts. The Steam Summer Sale runs until July 11, making this a prime time for racing game enthusiasts and deal hunters to grab FH4 at its lowest price ever, according to SteamDB.

Compatibility and Performance

While officially rated as ‘Playable’ rather than ‘Verified’ on Steam Deck, many users on ProtonDB have confirmed that Forza Horizon 4 runs smoothly on the device. This surge into the top 10 indicates strong player interest and satisfaction with the game’s performance on the Steam Deck.

Racing games, with their controller-friendly design, are a natural fit for the Steam Deck. At its current discount, Forza Horizon 4 offers a compelling experience for both racing aficionados and those looking to explore a critically acclaimed game before it’s delisted. Don’t miss the chance to add this gem to your collection before the Summer Sale ends.