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Wii Game Donkey Kong Country Returns in HD – 60 bucks for a remaster?!

The upcoming Nintendo Switch remake, Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, is priced at $60, sparking mixed reactions among fans.

The Nintendo eShop listing for Donkey Kong Country Returns HD — a remake of the original Nintendo Wii game, also ported to the Nintendo 3DS — confirmed the $60 price. Some fans feel this is too high for a game that originally released in 2010, while others are more accepting of the price.

Many fans had hoped for a $40 price tag, referencing Metroid Prime: Remastered, which was sold for that amount despite its HD graphics upgrade and received a 10/10 review from IGN.

The announcement coincided with Nintendo’s reveal that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would be its first $70 game. Some believe that Nintendo priced Metroid Prime: Remastered lower to balance this. “They wanted to release it as proof they would be releasing games at different ranges of prices,” noted TackoftheEndless on Reddit, “Only to never do something this generous ever again.”

Other fans defend the $60 price, highlighting Donkey Kong’s broader recognition compared to Metroid. “Probably helps that DK was a major focus in the recent Mario movie, is getting his own section in the Mario theme park, and is very recognizable,” said OK-Flow5292 on Reddit. “Metroid, however, doesn’t have that kind of reach and generally pulls smaller numbers compared to Nintendo’s big hitters.”

Another user commented on the high costs of video game development. “As a consumer, I’d like cheap games obviously. But as a long term fan I’d also like a sustainable industry,” said falconpunch1989.

More game developers are increasing prices for their games. Black Ops 6 is set to cost a whopping 80 euros, with its vault pack priced at 110 euros. Just two years ago, a new Call of Duty game cost $60, but now it will cost $80.

In addition to rising prices, more game developers are trying to expand their player base. For example, Helldivers 2 requires a PSN account to increase user counts on their platform. Similarly, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 has been added to Game Pass, where for $40, players can add the vault edition to their Game Pass account, effectively paying 65% less when combined with an Xbox/Microsoft Game Pass subscription.

It’s not just Nintendo releasing remakes at $60. Disney’s Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is set to launch on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 24, 2024, also priced at $60, with a $200 Collector’s Edition.

Similar complaints have arisen regarding Epic Mickey’s pricing. “I was looking forward to this, but $60?” questioned Lukar on ResetEra. “Epic Mickey is destined to die another death.” However, this remake, published by Embracer Group-owned THQ Nordic, demonstrates that other companies besides Nintendo are setting similar price points.