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7 Days to Die 1.0 Update Falls Short of Expectations

The eagerly anticipated 1.0 build of 7 Days to Die has finally arrived, but it may not be the version players were hoping for. Available for download through Steam, this latest update introduces several changes, some of which have backfired on the community.

While there are promising improvements, such as enhanced performance in trader zones, quicker loading times, and the ability to enter the game without immediately spawning, many players are left wishing for the return of beloved features that were once in the game before. After looking on social media platforms such as reddit and steam forums, its clearly showing that there are a number of questions that are coming with this upcoming release.

Highlights of the Update


  • Improved Loading Speed: The game now loads much faster, particularly when joining a server.
  • Smoother Performance: Movement in highly populated areas has become noticeably smoother.
  • Spawn Option: Players can choose to spawn into the game after loading and downloading map and configuration files.
  • Enhanced Sound Quality: The updated sounds are significantly better, offering clearer notification tones that provide more detailed audio feedback.
  • Dew Collector: The new dew collector is a highly anticipated addition, fulfilling a long-standing community request.


  • Stronger Zombies: Zombies have been significantly beefed up, making it nearly impossible for players to get established within the first seven days before the initial blood moon.
  • Mandatory First Quest: Players are forced to complete a challenging supply-digging quest to proceed with other quests. The quest’s difficulty is heightened by nearby zombie spawns, making solo completion a matter of luck.
  • Outdated Character Screen: The player character screen appears dated, with poorly integrated designs and glitchy hairstyles that clip through faces.
  • Unpopular Armor System: The new armor system has not been well-received by most players. While some appreciate the change, it requires collecting numerous items for a smoother gameplay experience.

This release feels more like an Alpha 22 update rather than a true 1.0 release. Despite being in early access and subject to further changes, the current fixes are insufficient to address the game’s issues.

Community Wishlist for Future Updates

Players have expressed a desire for several features to enhance the gameplay experience:

  • Auto Farming: Implement a feature for automatic farming with a simple click.
  • Auto Planting: Enable auto-planting of plots with a single click.
  • Quick Storage: Allow quick storage of items in nearby chests, with an auto-stack option for filled chests.
  • Safer Starter Zones: Ensure starter zones are safe to explore, avoiding instant deaths from spawning near cities or traders where zombies frequently appear.

While the game remains in early access, there is concern that pushing this release could have long-term negative effects. The community speculates that additional funding might be needed for a new project, “7 Days to Blood Moon,” possibly influenced by the success of Helldivers 2 and its active staff involvement.

As the game continues to evolve, players hope that future updates will address these concerns and deliver the experience they have been eagerly anticipating.