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Aloha – Fractured Veil – Party, Gamekeys and more!

Those who are wondering what game they could play next, well if you are addicted to survival, base building and PvE or PvP? well, you are in luck! We got you covered! As of today, we are happy to announce that Fractured Veil is being updated with some new solid updates that you can enjoy and try out and on top of that, we have two game keys to be given away towards two lucky winners. More news on that coming this weekend.

“Fractured Veil” is an immersive multiplayer survival game for PC set in Maui, 100 years after a global apocalypse decimated civilization. Players are tasked with organizing, surviving, and rebuilding the fractured remnants of society in a beautiful yet deadly paradise. Are you ready for a brand-new adventure? Or would you perish and die trying?

Game Setting and Backstory

Players take on the role of clones restored from incomplete data within a recently discovered Veilcorp backup system. They find themselves in a future Hawaii ravaged by time and the catastrophic events of the fracture. To survive, players must search for food, find clean water, and build shelter while facing numerous threats, including hostile wildlife, mutants, other clones, and environmental hazards lingering from past catastrophes.

Gameplay and Features

  • Survival Mechanics: Manage your basic needs by foraging for food, purifying water, and constructing shelters to protect against the elements and enemies.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Form alliances with other players to explore the world, share resources, combat powerful adversaries, and work together to rebuild civilization.
  • Drone Surveillance: Autonomous drones patrol the map, streaming gameplay 24/7. These drones provide unique perspectives on the action through standard, night-vision, spotlight, and thermal modes. Players can tune into these streams for a real-time view of in-game events.
  • Resource Harvesting and Crafting: Collect materials to craft equipment, gear, and weapons. The crafting system allows for upgrades and customization to enhance survival chances.
  • Construction System: Build and fortify bases using four different materials: thatch, wood, stone, and metal. The procedural building system ensures each structure is unique and adaptable to the player’s needs.
  • Dynamic Environment: The game features a procedural road and river system, creating diverse and unpredictable environments. Mutants and other dangers lurk in these unique settings.
  • Weather and Day/Night Cycle: A dynamic weather system introduces unpredictable hazards, while the day/night cycle adds depth and realism to the gameplay. The game map is based on real-world topographical data from Maui, adding authenticity to the setting.

Additional Information

  • Advanced AI: Enemies and wildlife exhibit sophisticated behaviours, making each encounter unique and challenging.
  • Technology and Upgrades: Players can discover and utilize advanced technologies to gain an edge in survival and combat.
  • Community Engagement: The developers at Paddle Creek Games actively engage with the player community, incorporating feedback to continually improve the game. Regular updates and public testing phases ensure the game evolves with player input.

“Fractured Veil” combines a rich, immersive setting with deep survival mechanics, cooperative multiplayer, and innovative features to create a challenging and engaging post-apocalyptic experience. Join the struggle to survive and rebuild in this deadly yet breathtaking world.