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Aion Classic EU Roadmap: Exciting Updates for the Second Half of 2024

Aion Classic EU has unveiled its roadmap for the latter half of 2024, promising exciting new content and updates with versions 2.8 and 3.0. Here’s a preview of what’s in store.

Update 2.8: “Conquest” (Launching July 17th)

Gameforge is set to elevate the gaming experience with the release of update 2.8, titled “Conquest.” This update will raise the level cap to 58 and introduce a wealth of new content:

  • Phaestos’ Disc: A challenging new dungeon instance filled with puzzles and obstacles, designed for team play or brave solo adventurers.
  • Apheta Belusan: A dark and intense battlefield where players will engage in strategic battles against Tiamat’s Legion, aiming to capture and occupy critical bases. Secrets and hidden surprises await as you navigate this treacherous terrain.
  • New Skills and Quests: Each class will receive two new skills, providing fresh tactics and abilities for players to master. Alongside this, a variety of new quests and crafting updates will enhance the gameplay experience.

Update 2.85: “Dominance” (Arriving in September)

September will see the arrival of update 2.85, “Dominance,” bringing even more thrilling content:

  • Wall of Lament Instance: A new and challenging instance to test your skills and strategies.
  • Tartarus Instance: Another intense instance adding depth and variety to your adventures.
  • Apheta Beluslan Fortress Battle: Continuation of the strategic battles introduced in “Conquest,” offering deeper and more complex combat scenarios.

In addition to these major updates, players can look forward to festive events, including Halloween celebrations and special holiday events for Christmas and New Year’s.

Teaser for Update 3.0 (Q4 Release)

A brief glimpse into update 3.0 hints at even darker and more intriguing developments to come. Scheduled for release in Q4, this update promises to expand on the growing darkness and bring new phases of content to Aion Classic. More details will be revealed as we approach the release dates.