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Amazon: Prime Gaming is slowly bleeding out of free goodies for Prime members.

Amazon Prime Gaming, a beloved service among gamers for its monthly free games and exclusive in-game content, is experiencing notable shifts due to recent strategic decisions by Amazon. This comes as part of a broader reorganization within Amazon’s gaming division, which has led to significant changes affecting both employees and content partnerships.

Layoffs in Amazon’s Gaming Division

In a bid to streamline operations and refocus on high-impact projects, Amazon has laid off approximately 180 employees within its gaming sector. This restructuring move has impacted various teams, including the Crown Channel and Game Growth teams. The decision is part of Amazon’s broader strategy to optimize its resources and enhance the quality of its gaming offerings.

End of Prime Gaming Contracts

Simultaneously, Prime Gaming has decided not to renew several of its content contracts with game developers. Notably, this decision affects popular games from Riot Games, including League of Legends, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games confirmed that the partnership with Prime Gaming will conclude in March 2024. Until then, players can still claim the remaining loot drops, but no new rewards will be added post-March.

Impact on Players

For gamers, this means the end of monthly loot drops and exclusive in-game items for the affected titles. This change follows a history of collaboration where Prime Gaming offered valuable in-game content, such as RP, skins, XP boosts, and other consumables for League of Legends and similar rewards for other Riot Games titles. The discontinuation of these rewards marks a significant shift in the benefits provided to Prime Gaming subscribers.

Looking Forward

While these changes signal a shift in Prime Gaming’s strategy, Amazon continues to assure its commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences. The company is focusing on securing new deals and offering content that aligns more closely with its strategic goals. As part of this effort, Prime Gaming will continue to provide a selection of free games each month and in-game content for other titles.

For now, Prime Gaming members are encouraged to take advantage of the remaining loot drops for the affected games and stay tuned for new offerings as Amazon recalibrates its gaming services to better serve its subscribers.