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Lollipop Chainsaw – RePOP

Exciting news for fans of Lollipop Chainsaw! The remastered version, titled Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP, is set to release on September 25, 2024. This updated edition of the 2012 cult classic promises to be just as thrilling and over-the-top as the original. While the internet has seen its share of wild antics over the past decade, this game still holds its own in terms of outrageous fun.

Players will once again join zombie hunter Juliet, who returns with the same storyline, weapons, and iconic cheerleading outfit from 2012. The major upgrade in RePOP includes faster chainsaw action and an auto-fire feature for her chainsaw blaster, ensuring that the action remains intense from start to finish.

Originally announced as a remake in 2022, Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP was later reclassified as a remaster, aligning with fan preferences. Although it was initially slated for a 2023 release, it has now been confirmed for this year.

Producer Yoshimi Yasuda addressed the shift from remake to remaster on Twitter last year, stating, “We have changed the game design of RePOP from Remake to Remaster based on your requests!” The reasoning behind this decision likely involves issues with licensed soundtracks and the high costs of modern game development.

The announcement trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP showcases new combat elements and brings back some nostalgic zombie characters, along with Juliet’s family—who many might have forgotten. While the writing may not be the highlight, the quirky rockstar zombies and humor certainly are.