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Steam Faces Challenges with Unauthorized and Fake Games on its Platform

Steam, a leading digital distribution platform for video games, is currently grappling with an influx of stolen or copied games being uploaded to its marketplace. Concerns have arisen over the apparent ease with which anyone can upload games to Steam, highlighting a lack of stringent control measures.

A notable example is the online game “Only Up,” which involved navigating to the top by jumping between floating items. Despite its success, the game was removed from Steam after the developer decided to take it down due to other commitments. However, a Google search for “Only Up” reveals two other games with the same name on the Steam marketplace. These impostor games are scams, aiming to deceive users into spending money on fake products.

Just last week, a version of Minecraft appeared on Steam, which turned out to be a fraudulent copy uploaded by a scammer seeking quick profit. This incident is part of a broader trend, with many other games on Steam also being unauthorized copies.

To safeguard against these scams, users are urged to exercise caution. If a game seems too good to be true, it is advisable to double-check the reviews. Often, those who have been deceived will warn others in the comments section. By staying vigilant, the community can help identify and avoid fake games, ensuring a safer experience for all users.