Discord Update causes backlash on bot developers

Discord’s latest update has sparked significant controversy by requiring bot developers with premium features to use Discord’s in-app subscription system, subject to fees ranging from 15-30%. This move has faced fierce backlash from the developer community, with a large number expressing outrage over the potential financial impact. Many argue that the new fees could drastically cut into their income and possibly lead to higher costs for users.

Developers are actively seeking loopholes to bypass these fees, highlighting the widespread discontent. Some are considering alternative platforms or developing strategies to mitigate the financial impact. This dissatisfaction reflects broader concerns about how these changes might affect the overall ecosystem of bots and services on Discord.

Additionally, Discord has recently opened a store for cosmetic content for user profiles, but the prices have been criticized as excessively high. This has added to the frustration within the community, as users feel they are being charged unreasonably for aesthetic enhancements.

Despite the backlash, Discord maintains that the new system will provide a more seamless and secure experience for users purchasing premium features. The company has also pointed out that developers can benefit from the increased exposure and marketing opportunities within Discord’s platform.

Furthermore, contacting Discord support has not improved, with many users feeling that the company prioritizes profit over user experience. The common sentiment is that Discord’s support remains indifferent to user concerns, focusing mainly on financial gains.