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Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Safe to Play in 2024? Understanding the Security Risks.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, a beloved instalment in the iconic first-person shooter series, continues to attract players nearly a decade after its release. However, as of 2024, significant security vulnerabilities have surfaced over the years, raising concerns about the safety of playing this game, particularly on PC. In our last post that we published a while ago, we suggested and stated that it is not safe to play and as of today, it’s still not fully secure, but some issues have been resolved.

The Security Challenges

Since its launch, Black Ops 3 has faced numerous security issues, primarily due to vulnerabilities in its game engine. These weaknesses have been exploited by hackers to perform remote code execution (RCE) attacks, which allow them to take control of players’ computers. Such exploits can lead to severe consequences, including the theft of personal information, corruption of game data, and disruption of the gaming experience.

One of the most alarming aspects of these vulnerabilities is the potential for hackers to reveal players’ IP addresses and manipulate in-game functions, causing widespread disruption. Despite several patches released by Activision, many of these security issues remain unresolved, leaving players at risk.

Community Solutions

In response to Activision’s slow pace in addressing these vulnerabilities, the gaming community has taken matters into its own hands. Notably, the Plutonium Project has emerged as a popular solution among Black Ops 3 players. This custom client offers enhanced security measures, dedicated servers, and mod support, effectively mitigating many of the risks associated with playing the game on official servers. We however do not know if this solution is EAC/ban proof, as it also unlocks all the DLC that you should normally pay for.

Additionally, other community-created patches, like the T7 Custom Patch, have been developed to fix specific vulnerabilities and provide a safer gaming environment. These unofficial patches have gained traction among players who prioritize security, though they come with their own set of challenges, such as potential compatibility issues and the risk of violating the game’s terms of service, which could result in account bans​.

However, with the T7 patch, it seems that everything is alright with it, as it only solves a lot of problems such as exploits, RCE attacks, and several bugfixes including the FPS problems during the startup of the game itself. (I never have been able to experience the full intro lag-free, and now you can lol )

As we would say, play at your own risk when using one of these alternative ways of playing.

Recommendations for Players

For those who wish to continue enjoying Black Ops 3, here are some recommendations to enhance security:

  1. The power of VPN: Making use of a VPN in combination with the T7 patch would be a perfect solution. In addition, using an alternative account and fam sharing the game from your main account is a perfect solution in case you still get unwanted guests.
  2. Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest updates and patches from both Activision and the community to ensure you are protected against new vulnerabilities.
  3. Be Cautious: Exercise caution when playing on public servers and avoid sharing personal information with unknown players.

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