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Classic Prestige is making a return – Black ops 6

Exciting news for Call of Duty fans! The online community is abuzz with the recent confirmation that the beloved Classic Prestige system is making a triumphant return in Black Ops 6. This fan-favorite feature, which has been absent for quite some time, is set to bring back the thrill of earning and showcasing prestige badges.

What is Classic Prestige?

For those new to the Call of Duty series or in need of a refresher, the Classic Prestige system allows players to reset their progress once they reach the maximum level in multiplayer mode. By doing so, players can start over from level one, but with a prestigious new badge to display their achievements. This cycle can be repeated multiple times, with each prestige level offering a new badge and sometimes additional rewards.

Why the Excitement?

The return of Classic Prestige means that players can once again strive for these coveted badges, showcasing their dedication and skill to the community. It adds an extra layer of depth and replayability to the game, motivating players to keep pushing their limits and achieving higher levels of prestige.

What’s New in Black Ops 6?

Black Ops 6 is not only bringing back the Classic Prestige system but also making it more accessible than ever. All classic prestige icons will be available right from the start, allowing players to view and aim for their favorite badges from previous games. This means you can start planning your path to prestige glory as soon as you dive into the game.

Get Ready to Prestige

With the release of Black Ops 6, players can look forward to a nostalgic yet fresh experience. The return of the Classic Prestige system is set to reignite the competitive spirit and provide countless hours of gameplay. So, gear up, sharpen your skills, and get ready to show off those hard-earned badges once again!