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7 Days to Die Version 1.0: What to Expect

After 12 years in development, the long-awaited release of 7 Days to Die is finally approaching. The upcoming Version 1.0, previously known as Alpha 22, will mark the end of the game’s early access period. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what’s coming with this major update. Keep in mind that this might be subject to change, meaning that it’s still possible that something more gets added, or scrapped from the final build.

Release Timeline

The Fun Pimps, the developer studio, have confirmed that the PC version will launch on June 27, with the console release following in July. Additionally, major updates are planned for Q4 2024, Q2 2025, and Q4 2025.

Development Progress

In the Alpha Exodus FAQ, the developers expressed satisfaction with the progress made, highlighting improvements in art quality and optimizations. After over 20 early access releases, they are confident that the game is ready for its official launch.

Major New Content and Features

Here’s a breakdown of the significant new features and content arriving with Version 1.0:

1. New Armor System

  • Revamped Art and Systems: Updated and replaced old clothing and armor systems.
  • Themed Armor Sets: Unique sets such as farmer, lumberjack, and commando, with complete sets providing bonuses.
  • First-Person View: Players’ hands will now reflect what they are wearing.

2. New Player Character System

  • Updated Models and Customization: New base models and customization options for starting characters.
  • Enhanced Animations and Shaders: Improved character animations and new shaders for hair, eyes, and skin.
  • Profile Editor Update: The player profile editor has been updated to accommodate new models.

3. New Points of Interest (POIs)

  • Expanded Exploration: More wilderness POIs for players to discover.
  • Notable Additions:
    • Haven Hotel
    • Tier 2 Apartment Building
    • Tier 2 Commercial Business Strip
    • Tier 4 Army Camp
    • Tier 5 School
    • Tier 5 Football Stadium

4. RWG (Random World Generation) Improvements

  • Performance Enhancements: Reduced memory usage and improved stamp performance.
  • Road Generation: Faster road generation, improved road smoothing, and the ability for roads to carve through mountains.
  • Preview Camera and UI Layout: Enhanced RWG preview camera and a better UI layout for RWG creation.
  • Biome Adjustments: Less blocky biomes with a chance of having a single biome in the center, and the return of the burnt forest biome.

5. New Zombie, Animal, and Vehicle Variants

  • Zombie Variants: New individual zombie texture variants, with different clothing designs, hair colors, and skin colors.
  • Animal Variants: New stag, bear, pig, boar, coyote, wolf, rabbit, and mutated boar (Grace), along with new cougar animations.
  • Vehicle Variants: New bicycle, minibike, 4×4, and gyrocopter variants.

6. New Props and World Art

  • Additional Props: New pallets of recycled cans and cardboard.
  • Camping and Road Art: New campsite tents and road decals, with the ability for players to place blocks on top of road paint.

Community Feedback and Developer Interaction The Fun Pimps have actively engaged with the community throughout the development process, incorporating player feedback into many updates. This collaborative approach has ensured that many of the features and improvements in Version 1.0 are aligned with what players have been asking for.

Post-Launch Support and Updates Even after the official release, The Fun Pimps are committed to providing ongoing support and new content. The roadmap includes significant updates scheduled for Q4 2024, Q2 2025, and Q4 2025, which will introduce additional features, enhancements, and possibly new game modes.

Technical Improvements The game’s performance has been a key focus area, with significant optimizations made to ensure smoother gameplay and better stability. Players can expect reduced memory usage, faster load times, and more stable frame rates, making for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Enhanced Multiplayer Experience Multiplayer mode has received substantial improvements, making it easier for friends to connect and play together. The new update aims to provide a more stable and enjoyable multiplayer experience, with less lag and more cooperative gameplay features.

Expanded Crafting and Building Options Version 1.0 will also expand crafting and building options, allowing players to create more intricate and personalized bases. New building materials, crafting recipes, and structural components will offer greater flexibility and creativity in base construction.

Enhanced AI and Enemy Behavior The AI for zombies and animals has been significantly improved, making enemies more challenging and realistic. Zombies will have more varied behaviors and attack patterns, requiring players to adapt their strategies.

Visual and Audio Enhancements Expect a significant upgrade in visual and audio quality. The new shaders for characters, improved animations, and updated world textures will make the game more visually appealing. Additionally, enhanced sound effects and music will create a more immersive atmosphere.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the official release date. Get ready to dive into the enhanced world of 7 Days to Die with these exciting new features!