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Pokemon Go – The latest patch comes with bugs and issues.

Today, the popular online game ‘Pokémon Go’ is encountering significant issues that are impacting user experience. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that allows players to explore the real world while capturing virtual Pokémon creatures. However, players are currently facing challenges with GPS connectivity, which is hindering their ability to fully enjoy the game. Additionally, there are frustrating occurrences where Poké Balls thrown to catch Pokémon become stuck on the screen.

Engaging in raids has also become a difficult task due to various game glitches. Players often encounter issues where their Pokémon do not spawn properly into battle or are instantly defeated by attacks. Despite attempting several raids today, we were unable to successfully catch a single Pokémon due to the current problems affecting the game.

We have reached out to the game’s support team regarding these ongoing issues, but unfortunately, we have yet to receive a response. This lack of communication is adding to the frustration of players who are eager to enjoy ‘Pokémon Go’ without these disruptions. We hope that Niantic, the developer of the game, will address these issues promptly to restore the enjoyable experience that ‘Pokémon Go’ is known for providing