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Wrong Faction? No worries! MFG got you covered!

Playing some solid GrayZone warfare, but your buddy made a mistake, causing you to become the enemy of each other.. Well, luckily we weren’t alone in encountering internal strife: Many other players aired grievances upon discovering they couldn’t group up with friends either.

For those who made regrettable choices, there’s now an escape route: The latest hotfix introduces an option to reset your current character and start anew from scratch.

“We’ve heard you loud and clear, and the character wipe feature is now available in Gray Zone Warfare,” stated developer Madfinger Games. “After wiping, all progress will reset smoothly, and upon relaunch, you’ll go through character creation again, receiving Edition Content and starter gear.”

Only characters older than an hour can be wiped, and there’s a one-hour cooldown afterwards, so it’s essential to be reasonably certain about your decisions before committing. And think twice before wiping: “This action is irreversible,” cautioned Madfinger.

A complete character reset might seem drastic, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Understandably so: Morgan, the unfortunate faction-picker, emphasized, “Being locked out of playing with friends was a major issue.” And they’re right—it’s not something many would have considered during character creation, despite the easily missed on-screen warning. Committing to a specific faction works well in a single-player immersive sim, but not so much in a multiplayer online shooter.

Madfinger also noted that the character wipe option will address the “missing head/secure container bug,” although they cautioned that the issue might recur until a proper fix is rolled out. Additionally, the hotfix addresses “several GPU-related crashes.”