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Update about last’s situation on XBOX & Discord

It’s been a rocky week with many new players coming to our discord. This is not by our way of advertising, but because of an ongoing scam. If you were contacted and you had to look us up but used Google instead, you are in luck as you dodged the bullet of obtaining a RAT and losing your Discord credentials.

We have attempted several times to contact Discord with this problem. Sadly, as of today, nothing has changed and the scammers can continue with their work. Today, we have contacted our local authorities for advice on what to do in such a situation. We will be getting more information on this in the next upcoming few days.

While we are waiting for a response, we contacted XBOX as well again, as there is yet again an increased volume of ongoing mass messages depending on joining the discord. They will be actively monitoring the chatter once more and take the needed actions when needed. If you get such a message, ignore it and report the user. Even if it’s one of your friends, as his account could be compromised with the use of a RAT.

As last, you could also send me the screenshots of these chatters if possible. This can help greatly with our ongoing investigation as well that we can use these screenshots as proof that the scamming is still ongoing.

Thankyou again for trusting us. We are sorry that this is ongoing. We are doing everything in our power to resolve this situation as soon as possible.