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Alpha Testing Games – A ban on Early Access Games?

Alpha Testing Games, Who would not love to playtest a game and give feedback on what you experienced? While it all looks super easy and simple to perform, there is a lot more coming to testing a game than just running around and playing the game like it’s a normal day.

I have been Alpha Testing games for many years. Idle Miner Tycoon, Catan Universe, Woodle Tree Adventures, Woodle Tree Adventures 2, Suicide Guy, Deadside, Night of the Dead and more. Alpha testing is what I like to do the most, for a game to have a good headstart. Sadly, in the past several years, it’s become harder to obtain an assignment for being an Alpha Tester.

This is for example due to the game being released in an Early Access state, this means everyone can playtest the game while the devs can obtain more revenue to finish the game. The Early Access way to have players testing your game is something I dislike and I do not encourage devs to do the same. In fact, i hope that there is a chance that there can be a ban on Early Access Games.

While playtesters are always welcome, sadly most of these playtesters have never done something like it before, only want to play the game hoping that they can keep the game for free afterwards, you also have people that playtest the game, but only ruin it shortly later as hacks and mod menus are being made.

For example, The game deadside was not even out for 24H, or new hacks were already made and ready to be used… on a game that’s not even released for 24H. This means that they had a mod menu maker or a hacker in their own playtest team. Did they learn from it? Nope, as they are now also just randomly picking users from their discord.

This is just very disappointing that my work is becoming more of a joke, than actual playtesting something. While most users are always looking at the big picture, anything small or simple is skipped, but even something small or simple could lead to big problems.

If you would be a dev and you have the same feelings about this and would be looking for a good tester? Then I’m your guy.