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Tips to keep you safe from unwanted programs

A few tips depending on the last situation that we have been facing. This is a reupload of our latest news article on Discord. Formatting might not be fully accurate.

howdy there survivors and friends, noize here with a followup of the ongoing events of yesterday. I’m happy to announce the following.

  • Xbox has been informed. Accounts that are sharing the vanity URL should be filtered out. In case you still get a message, just report it to XBOX as they are aware of it. 
  • Discord has yet to respond, they however did twice already, but with information which is completely irrelevant to the situation that we face. 
  • I have released a Technical guide on removing RATS from your desktop in case you got infected or you know someone else who got infected by this or other similar scam. Keep in mind that they mostly approach you with stories like
  •  1 “Hey, we just finished a game and we want you to try it out, plz download this and that”
  •  2 “Hey, [username] just opened up a new only fans/Fansly/Discord page”
  •  3 “Hey, Grab this free nitro..” or “Hey, Grab this free Steam gift card”
  •  4 “Hey, can you vote for our CSGO team?, we need to get into the finals”
  • We have edited our discord invite page on our website, and we included a warning sign that there is something fishy ongoing.

It’s very disappointing to see that this is happening, yet as i have spoken with others on what else i could do, i can agree that the name gaminghq is quite easy and more often used. For example, we have an Indian gaming chair company called gaminghq (haven’t seen them or heard from them at all ) as well for a New York second-hand gaming stop.

I’m not going to change my name or anything as it has been suggested. Been using this name for a long time and I’m not going to get kicked off the field because of some silly scammer. What we can do is help to provide the needed information and alert others about this.

A few tips to keep in mind

  • All links can be masked on Discord with some simple BB code. Even if the link might look legit, always double-check the link on the way out when you see a warning sign about it.
  • If you get random links being sent from unknown users, it’s highly likely a trap. Never click on anything you get from strangers.
  • Never middle mouse click on a link or image if it’s being told to do so. This will bypass the security check and it skips the warning message that you normally would get.
  • If you get a message from your friend with something weird that he or she normally never would send, then he/she is infected with a RAT or the account got compromised with a fake verify bot.
  • Talking about verify bots. They are pretty sketchy, make sure to always double-check where the verify bot comes from. No official check marker next to the botname? red flags!
  • Sometimes, when you assign a bot or login on to a website with Discord, double-check the permissions that you give the bot or application. If it says “administration rights” as well as “joins servers for you”, avoid and terminate the page, as they will get your information.

As last, for all those that have joined our discord. you are welcome to stay and enjoy some gaming with others, chatting about games as well as sharing the adventures that you experienced during gaming. We are thankful that you guys have used Google search or other sources instead of clicking directly on that link as it could turn out nasty.

If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know about it by sending us a ticket through our new system on the website or by sending me a private DM.

Your fav cat.