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Discord support is like a search for a needle in a haystack

Discord support is not the way it has been used to be. As due to the ongoing situation where a few pesky users is misusing our brand name, the way that they respond to it is hilarious. It shows the exact same responses and actions as those from YouTube. Completely off-topic and not willing to read what the complaint is in the first place. It seems they allow servers to misuse other people their names, despite their having their own rules for it.

Impersonation, for example, is against their terms of service. Yet they seem allowing it to continue so that the scammers can make more bank. They have not taken any kind of action yet, which is very disturbing as they do have a Terms Of Service and a set of rules when it comes to misusage of the discord program.

For now, we can only help and prevent others from joining that specific discord. We will be writing out a new blog post about RATS and make sure that the information is spread among others in case they get infected, they would know what to do next. For those asking, no we do not have

  • We do not own A CSGO skin giveaway
  • We do not own A Fansly Page
  • We do not own A OnlyFans Page
  • We do not own A Roblox Server.
  • I’m the creator of GamingHQ. I’m a guy, not a chick with certain urgent needs.

If you do have a question about this situation, or if you have gotten any messages, send me a DM and provide me with the needed screenshots, i can take it to Discord for more proof about this ongoing scam.

Will be back later today with more news about this ongoing situation as well as for a guide on how to deal with this situation in case you fell for it. We are really sorry that this is ongoing at the moment. Would have loved to spend my time today a bit on the rust server to finish it up.