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Community Update – New ticket system

Good morning survivors and friends, noize here with today’s special, cooked and ready-to-be-used update. Today I would like to announce that we have changed the ticket system. As of today, we kindly ask everyone to contact us here, through the website instead and not through Discord anymore. When it comes to ticket bots for Discord, nothing can be trusted. Data can still be read or stolen.

As of that, I want to ensure your safety as that of anyone else. We will be closing down the gates for the mee6 contact form and opening up the new form here, on our website to ensure that, if you would be reporting a cheater or hacker on our game servers, then I would strongly advise doing this through the ingame report system.

Talking about our rust server. We are working hard on getting everything ready! Next month, we might be starting with a new map and a new adventure, but that also depends a little bit on the amount of money I have in my pocket as everything will be funded by me so that everyone can enjoy some gaming.

In other news, we are happy to announce the collab between me and Bistroo. Bistroo is the new upcoming leading platform for buying your fast food and getting it delivered to your front door within the hour. More information on this coming next week.

As of now, happy weekend and happy kingsday for those Dutchies among us!