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Possible Rust Reboot? We might be thinking of it

It’s now been almost a month since we shut down the Rust server and it keeps bugging me for not being able to release the map that I have been working on for the past several months and on top of that as a fun fact, Several days ago, I was still working on the map, while there is no secure future for it.

I’m thinking of still releasing it but on another server from another provider. As we have spoken before, we were thinking of moving up the Rust server toward bisect hosting, as they have better hardware and would be able to handle our custom map more than the server we had before.

Suppose we do plan on re-releasing our rust server. In that case, we will announce it big time, letting our vast members enjoy a month in advance while testing and collecting the usual feedback for improvements.

Would you like to see the last map we have been working on? Let us know about it! Share your thoughts and ideas with the team, we would love to hear from you.