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Pokemon Go: Avatar update was rushed.

A recent rumour suggests that Niantic might have rushed an update for Pokémon GO, leading to unintended consequences for players’ avatars. According to speculation circulating among players, a recent avatar update caused various issues such as clothing items disappearing or appearing incorrectly on avatars.

This rumour gained traction after players noticed unusual behaviour with their avatars following a recent update. Many users reported missing or glitched clothing items, sparking discussions across Pokémon GO communities.

Players have expressed frustration with these avatar-related issues, speculating that the update may not have been thoroughly tested before release. Some have pointed out that rushed updates could lead to unintended bugs and glitches, impacting the overall experience of the game.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, has not officially commented on this rumour or provided details regarding the avatar update issues. As of now, players are advised to stay tuned for any announcements or updates from Niantic regarding the reported problems with avatars in Pokémon GO.