Community News

Community News – Site update and some sad news to share

Good morning survivors and friends, noize here with today’s news about our community website. We also have to share something sad today, but let’s keep that for the last part of this news topic.

Our website is undergoing a comprehensive update, with a chunk of new features and improvements poised to transform the platform. The announcement of these changes has generated significant buzz among the website’s loyal community, sparking anticipation and curiosity about the forthcoming enhancements.

The update, which represents a significant overhaul of our website, aims to address user feedback and modernize the platform to better meet the needs of its diverse audience. Among the anticipated changes are streamlined navigation, upgraded interface design, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies to elevate the overall user experience.

We’ve listened closely to our users and are thrilled to unveil these exciting updates and we hope that you see this as well.

Key highlights of the update include:

  1. Enhanced User Interface: The website will boast a sleek and intuitive interface, making it easier for users to navigate and access content efficiently.
  2. New Features: Several new features are set to debut, catering to various interests and preferences within the community. This includes New pages for the Game Reviews, Gaming Guides & [REDACTED]
  3. Improved Performance: The update promises optimized performance across devices, ensuring seamless access regardless of platform or screen size.

Other patches that we also have performed are related to

  1. Removed old pages on our website that were related to our game servers. This as we do not have any open public servers running for the time being…… but, we might be coming back! Keep an eye on our website to stay updated!
  2. Every news that’s released on the website and shared on Discord, will now contain a button as well that will lead you towards the website.
  3. Fixed a bunch of typos in our Terms and agreement on Discord.

The development team has worked tirelessly to implement these changes, drawing on user feedback and industry best practices to deliver a refreshed and revitalized platform.

As the rollout date approached, we were working to find a way to obtain a partnership with Zendesk. However, this ended up in the water as there was no option to partner with them. Pitty, as I do know they are a golden solution when it comes to support and aid tools. So, we have to go deeper and look for something else instead. So for now, we will be using the discord support system for the time being.