Meta still not learning – Massive scam/fraud event ongoing

Meta has still not learned from their mistakes. This time, it takes it even to the edge, where we all are forced to buy a premium membership for the usage of Instagram and Facebook. Not interested in paying? No worries Meta said. All you need to do is to agree our terms and will show you a few ads now and then.

In the past several months, all the ads I have seen are related to scams, bitcoin frauds and Elon Musk announcing his Bitcoin adventure through the Dutch NOS. All these ads you see on Instagram and Facebook are a plague, yet Meta does not do anything about it.

Meta does also not fully comply and work with the customer support that they deem to have as many reports have been done about fake copied users, willing to bring you down the road towards their only fans page which they normally don’t have. Meta allows them to use your details and private information for scams as they don’t do shit about it. There are still a few profile’s on that platform that we have reported over the days, even months and nothing has changed so far.

The Meta privacy scandal is just one example of the broader challenges facing the tech industry regarding data privacy and user trust. Governments and regulators around the world are increasingly focused on establishing clearer guidelines for how companies handle sensitive user information.

What Users Can Do

In light of these developments, users are encouraged to review their privacy settings on social media platforms and exercise caution when sharing personal information online. Staying informed about data privacy issues and supporting initiatives aimed at strengthening privacy protections are crucial steps towards safeguarding digital privacy rights.