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Review – V-Rising – Embark the world as a vampire

V Rising is an ambitious vampire-themed survival RPG developed by Stunlock Studios, known for their work on games like Battlerite. Set in a dark and atmospheric open world, V Rising invites players to explore, conquer, and thrive as immortal vampires. Released in early access, this game promises a captivating blend of survival mechanics, strategic base-building, and supernatural abilities and soon, it’s going to be fully released!

Gameplay (5/5)

V Rising offers a refreshing take on the survival genre, allowing players to experience the world through the eyes of a powerful vampire. As a newly risen immortal, players must hunt for blood, gather resources, and build their castle stronghold to fend off enemies and expand their influence. The game features a deep progression system, allowing players to unlock and upgrade a variety of vampiric abilities, from shape-shifting to mind control, as they grow stronger.

Graphics and Atmosphere (4/5)

The visuals in V Rising are striking and atmospheric, immersing players in a gothic world filled with eerie landscapes and ominous ruins. The game’s art style blends dark fantasy elements with detailed character designs and impressive environmental effects. While the graphics may not rival AAA titles, they effectively convey the brooding atmosphere and supernatural themes of the game.

Base-Building and Strategy (4/5)

A standout feature of V Rising is its strategic base-building mechanics. Players can customize their castles, fortify defences, and recruit minions to protect their territory from rival vampires and hostile creatures. The strategic depth of managing resources and optimizing defences adds an engaging layer to the gameplay, offering a sense of progression and ownership over the game world.

Exploration and Progression (5/5)

Exploration is a key aspect of V Rising, with a vast open world to discover and conquer. From haunted forests and desolate plains to ancient crypts and vampire lairs, each location is filled with secrets, challenges, and opportunities for expansion. The progression system is rewarding, allowing players to unlock new abilities, craft powerful artefacts, and master vampire skills as they delve deeper into the game.

Community and Multiplayer (5/5)

V Rising fosters a strong sense of community, with multiplayer elements that encourage cooperation and competition among players. From forming alliances to engaging in PvP combat, players can interact in a dynamic online world where alliances are forged and rivalries are tested. The game’s community-driven events and updates contribute to its longevity and replayability.

Early Access and Future Potential (5/5)

As an early access title, V Rising shows great promise with regular updates and developer engagement. Stunlock Studios has demonstrated a commitment to listening to player feedback and improving the game based on community input. With plans for expanded content, including new regions, quests, and gameplay features, V Rising is poised to evolve into a definitive vampire survival experience. With the upcoming full release of 1.0, a major content update will be dropped alongside with it.

Overall (4.5/5)

V Rising is a captivating blend of survival, strategy, and supernatural adventure, offering a fresh take on the vampire genre. With immersive gameplay, strategic depth, and a vibrant community, the game invites players to embrace their inner vampires and conquer the night. Despite being in early access, V Rising showcases tremendous potential and is highly recommended for fans of survival RPGs and dark fantasy settings.