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Review – Deadside – An Unfulfilled Survival Experience.

Deadside entered the crowded survival shooter genre with promising ideas but ultimately fell short in delivering a satisfying gameplay experience. Developed by Bad Pixel but now under the hands of TinyBuild after a rough 17.4M for the game, this game attempts to combine elements of survival, PvP combat, and exploration in a post-apocalyptic setting. However, it struggles to distinguish itself amidst strong competition in the genre.

Gameplay (2/5)

The gameplay in Deadside is plagued by several issues that hinder immersion and enjoyment. The survival mechanics feel overly simplistic, with a lack of depth in crafting and resource management. The world lacks meaningful interactions beyond repetitive shootouts with AI enemies, leading to a monotonous experience. Additionally, the game suffers from optimization issues, resulting in frequent bugs, glitches, and server instability.

Graphics and Sound (3/5)

While Deadside’s graphics are passable, they are far from impressive compared to other contemporary titles in the genre. The environments lack detail and variety, often feeling uninspired and generic. The sound design is functional but fails to create a truly immersive atmosphere. Weapon sounds lack punch, and ambient effects are underwhelming, further detracting from the overall experience.

Community and Social Features (1/5)

Deadside struggles to foster a strong community due to its limited player base and lack of compelling social features. The game’s multiplayer aspects feel underdeveloped, with minimal opportunities for meaningful player interaction or cooperative gameplay. The absence of engaging community events or updates further contributes to a sense of isolation among players.

Updates and Support (2/5)

While Deadside receives occasional updates from the developers, they often fail to address core issues or introduce substantial improvements. The game’s development roadmap lacks transparency, leaving players uncertain about the future direction of the title. The lack of consistent support and communication from the developers contributes to a sense of neglect among the player base.

Technical Performance and Stability (2/5)

Deadside suffers from technical shortcomings that significantly impact gameplay. Players frequently encounter performance issues such as lag, server disconnects, and graphical glitches. Optimization remains a persistent concern, with the game struggling to maintain stable frame rates even on capable hardware. These technical hurdles undermine the overall experience and contribute to player frustration.

Overall (2/5)

In conclusion, Deadside falls short of its potential as a compelling survival shooter. Despite their initial promises over the years, the game fails to deliver engaging gameplay, meaningful progression, or a vibrant community. Technical issues, lacklustre visuals, and limited content contribute to a lack of lasting appeal. While Deadside may appeal to hardcore fans of the genre seeking a new experience, it ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression in an oversaturated market.