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Niantic’s Hacker policy is brutal – User banned during raid

Several days ago, I experienced the actions of true hardcore staff members of Niatic’s support team. Normally, you don’t get a response from the team if a user that you have reported is dealt with, but that my report was passed within 15 min is something I haven’t even experienced in a very long time.

It all started in the early morning when both Pokemon were defeated, pushed out of the gym and sent back to my inventory. As always, I instantly hop on the mobile to fight back and reclaim the gym, as living on top of one makes it easy to raid them back, while I work on other things in the meanwhile. The raider however made me wonder if everything was done fairly.

Sadly, after a thick 20 min of attempting to gain back the gym, it started to feel sus, as the Pokemon kept getting healed over and over and over again, even whilst in the middle of the fight. You can’t give a Pokemon candy during a gym fight or a boss event, so how could he instantly heal his Pokemon over and over again? He must have very deep pockets in candy and be very very oddly lucky, or he uses a 3rd party program to cheat.

I went for the second feeling, and my guts were right. After reporting the user, all the gyms in the area were lit grey that he had taken over and we have not seen this user again in the area. Within 15 min, his account was banned after my report.

Sidenote: i’m unsure if he is banned or not, as we don’t get responses from the support.

This makes me give some faith back in teams that are dealing with hackers, playing games should be fun and enjoyable, not a way to hack yourself to victory.