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BREAKING – Ubisoft pulling licenses from paying customers – The crew

Reddit is going wild after Ubisoft pulled the licenses from actual paying customers who have bought a digital copy of the crew. This game offers many multiplayer functionalities that have been discontinued since the first of April. However, there is also a single-player storyline mode, but if you want to experience this wicked adventure once more, then I have some bad news for you.

When I checked out my Ubisoft account, it clearly showed the true horror. The game that I legally bought with real money has been greyed out, stating that I should check out the store to continue the adventure. I have bought a copy of this game, so technically, I should have the full rights. However, Ubisoft thinks otherwise and removes the complete game as well for all your ingame DLC from your library like stealing candy from a kid.

One of the main reasons of the shutdown of the game is due to the high amount of pirated versions that can make simple use of joining the online services with several bypasses. However, i rather think it’s just a bad excuse, as the game the crew has been given away for free more often, than that it would be pirated.

Sadly, this means that there is an end coming to a great game, with great potential for becoming revisited and modded to the teeth by the community. Something i bet that they would have loved to do, similar to the need for speed online game that got pulled from origins, as that game now goes under Soapbox Race World that’s maintained and developed by the community of diehard gamers and lovers of the need for speed franchise.

As of now, I can assure you that this will not end here and that more news will be coming the way, as simply taking away something that you have paid for or obtained for free should remain yours at all times, unless something bad with that game could have happened that could harm your desktop, but then it is a whole different story.